1. How can I attend The International Conference on Humanities and Educational Research?

Conference registration is now open. Please visit the conference web and follow the submission process.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@edusolutions.org

2. I am an international attendee. I need an invitation letter to the conference for visa processing, how do I get one ?

Once your abstract is accepted, and your conference registration is completed, you will then receive an invitation letter in order to assist with your travel visa applications.

3. Can I pay the conference fee via TT / bank draft OR Can I make the payment after arriving New York ?

Conference payments are only to be completed through PAYPAL or EVENTBRITE.

4. I couldn’t sign up because of the issues on your website. How can I submit my abstract and make the payment ?

If you are having difficulty submitting your abstract/paper/payments please contact us at info@edusolutions.org

5. When am I going to receive my receipt and conference certificate ?

If you are accepted for On-site or Poster presentation, you will receive your receipt and conference certificate at the Conference Venue right after your presentation. 

If you are accepted for an Online presentation; once you have completed your payment, we will email your receipt within the next 24 hours. After presenting your paper, we will send via mail your original copy of receipt and conference certificate so make sure to write a valid address during sign-up.

6. I think I have paid twice, what should I do ?

Please contact us ASAP with as much detail as you can, we will investigate and communicate with you with a response.

7. I need an invoice before I can pay, what should I do ?

You can either request this on the last page of your conference registration or email us at info@edusolutions.org

8. Would there be transportation between the conference venue and the airport ?

As hosts of the conference we will not be providing transportation from or to the airport.

9. Does the conference fee include lunch, dinner and coffee/snacks for the conference ? 

 Details will be announced in the conference program.

10.Does the conference have any affiliated Journal to publish our papers ?

Yes, the conference has several affiliated journals. 

11.I have dietary restrictions because of religion/health, etc…What can I do ? 

Please contact our conference staff and we will accommodate your dietary restrictions.

12.Is there any special discount for groups ?

Yes. The parties 6 or more get group discounts. For details please contact us at info@edusolutions.org